The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art's Contemporary Art Museum is a large-scale

Ultimatist monument to the modern and contemporary art periods

with a particular focus on the post-Duchampian conceptual art legacy.


The museum is the monument.


The halls and galleries of the Ivory Tower (main museum building) are

entirely empty - a great temple dedicated to nothingness.




The Annexe galleries are home to the Ultimatist Art Movement's

"The Emperor Has No Clothes!" collection.



The Sculpture Gardens which adjoin the museum are mostly themed with "exstallations",

including the monumental "Exstallations 100%" - which is central to Ultimatism's


Like Hercules and his task of cleaning up the Augean stables,

the Ultimatists set out to clear the world's modern and contemporary

art galleries and museums of anti-art clutter.



 "Exstallations 100%" 



About Ultimatism


Ultimatism is the last art movement.

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